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Norwegen: "Ja" zu internationaler Forschungzusammenarbeit

Englischsprachiger Artikel des Norwegischen Forschungsrates über die Ergebnisse der Eurobarometer-Umfrage in Hinblick auf die internationale Zusammenarbeit Norwegens mit der EU und anderen Ländern.

Norwegians are generally more in favour of European research collaboration than most EU nationals. They also come out on top as regards their attitude to collaboration with the research community in other countries.

As many as 82% of the Norwegian respondents in a Eurobarometer survey carried out recently on assignment for the European Commission believe that European research collaboration and research collaborations funded by the EU will become more important in the years to come.

European projects are a hallmark of quality

Norway is not a member of the EU, and many Norwegians want the country to remain outside. "However, Norwegians are pragmatic people who draw a clear distinction between politics and practical matters in the EU context," concludes scientist Aris Kaloudis of the Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU STEP).

"Regardless of their political convictions, they see the value of increased European and international research collaboration," says Mr Kaloudis.

He believes that most Norwegians have a positive impression of the quality of European research collaboration. "This may partly be due to the fact that researchers have to meet stringent requirements in order to be granted funds through the EU system, says Mr Kaloudis.

Valuable to the country

More than most EU nationals, Norwegians believe that EU-funded collaborative research projects benefit the individual countries involved and are of national importance. Three out of four Norwegian respondents share this view. In addition, nearly four out of five state that collaborative research carried out under the auspices of the EU benefits society as such.

More collaboration also outside the EU

In the survey, it emerges that Norwegians are perhaps more enthusiastic in relation to international research collaboration than the inhabitants in any of the countries within the EU.

Almost all the Norwegian respondents are in favour of more research collaboration with the USA and high-technology countries in Asia, such as China and India. And they are equally positive when it comes to strengthening collaboration with poorer countries that do not belong to the international research elite.

"The figures show that we Norwegians have understood that cooperation is the key to solving the challenges facing the world today, and that research and development are important means of achieving this," says a pleased Director General of the Norwegian Research Council, Arvid Hallén.

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