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Øresund IT fördert Vernetzung mit anderen Clustern

Mit einer Geschäftsreise nach Österreich hat die Clusterorganisation Øresund IT ihr Vorhaben begonnen, die IT-Firmen der Öresund Region international stärker zu vernetzen. Als nächstes ist eine Reise nach Barcelona geplant.

Four Scanian companies have just returned from a five-day business trip with meetings and networking in Austria, where everything was paid for and arranged. And Øresund IT has more trips on the drawing board.The educational trip to Austria is the first in a series of four which Øresund IT arranges and offers member organizations to join. The aim is to create networks and knowledge sharing across ICT clusters, so companies can share experiences and be inspired by others' processes.

Maguns Andersson, CEO of InfraSight Labs, participated in the first Øresund IT Business Trip to Austria:

"We from InfraSight Labs are very grateful for this initiative. We have now become aware of Austria as an ICT market and has established valuable contacts in Austria. When traveling together in a group or a delegation, there are also many opportunities to create new relationships with other companies in our own region. This is clearly both fun and rewarding."

The Øresund IT Business Trips is a pilot project which has been developed in cooperation between Øresund IT, Invest in Skåne and Enterprise Europe Network and is funded by national funding from Sweden. The project offers a total of 21 companies to participate in the four Business Trips. Right now Øresund IT is planning the next trip where the destination is Barcelona.

"The project's outcome has already proved to be a great success among the companies", says CEO of Øresund IT, Micael Gustafsson and continues:

"We will apply for more funding early next year to be able to arrange more Business Trips. Hopefully this means that we in 2011 also can provide Danish ICT companies with this unique opportunity to develop an international network and join the trips.


The project is funded by the EU programme Leonardo da Vinci that promotes lifelong learning.

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