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Seminar with European expatriate entrepreneurs

Invitation: Integrating expatriate innovators in European innovation systems -

Seminar organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the German-American Business Association and Stanford University, USA.

12-14 May 2010 - Palo Alto, California

One of the reasons for the fast rise of innovative entrepreneurship in emerging economies like India and China is the systematic and intense collaboration between local entrepreneurs and high skilled expatriates, active as entrepreneurs, scientists or in the finance sector in the US. It is estimated that more than 1/3 of managing staff of Silicon Valley venture capital companies are natives of India which continuously look for investment opportunities in new enterprises in India.

An impressive number of Europeans are important innovation actors in California. However, in contrast to the systematic approach taken by the Indian community not much is known about the potential or existing effects of US-based European expatriates on accelerating innovative activity in their regions of origin. Representation offices of European regions, chambers and innovation agencies in California have wide-ranging strategies from as traditional export promotion agencies to establishing own incubator services that support compatriots to test their business ideas in the US and not in Europe.
To explore ways of better valorising the knowledge, experience and interests of skilled European expatriates for the benefit of innovation systems in Europe, the European Commission – DG Enterprise and Industry – invites for a 3-day seminar in California. The seminar organised in collaboration with the German American Business Association and Stanford University School of Mechanical Engineering will provide opportunities to network and learn from the strategies of different European services in California.

It shall identify opportunities to link expatriate innovators to innovation support in Europe. Numerous Europeans in managing positions in Venture Capital Funds, leading high-tech companies and science institutions have already agreed to contribute to the seminar.

We warmly invite you to join this event and explore the unique innovation environment in Silicon Valley and the people behind it.

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