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Studenten-Netzwerk soll die Kooperation zwischen Norwegen und Japan stärken

Der englischsprachige Artikel des Norwegischen Forschungsrats berichtet über NorAlumni Japan, ein Netzwerk-Tool, das ehemaligen japanischen Studenten helfen soll, mit Norwegen und dessen Wirtschaftssektor in Verbindung zu bleiben.

During an official visit to Japan recently, Norwegian Minister of Higher Education and Research Tora Aasland launched "NorAlumni Japan" - a networking tool that will help former Japanese students stay connected to Norway and its business sector.

In 2010 there were roughly 30 Japanese studying in Norway, while some 145 Norwegians pursued studies in Japan. Many of the Japanese students, however, lose touch with their Norwegian contacts once they return home.

Growing exchange

"The exchange of students between Norway and Japan is currently low, but it is on the rise. It is important to develop opportunities for students to further cultivate the personal relationships they have made while studying abroad," said Arvid Hallén, Director General of the Research Council, speaking at the official launch of NorAlumni Japan on Tuesday 8 February.

The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway have therefore taken the initiative to establish a network for Japanese who have studied or carried out research in Norway ' and for Norwegians who have done the same in Japan. The network is also open to academics from both Norway and Japan who have ties to the other country.

Further supporting roles are played by Abelia - Business Association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology-based enterprises, the Federation of Norwegian Industries and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo. The network is funded by a grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Lasting bonds

"Staying in touch with the place where one has studied helps to build a lasting bond, at the same time opening doors to business opportunities, academic cooperation, cultural exchange, and expanding networks," said Dr Hallén. "We believe that NorAlumni Japan will strengthen these bonds and play a vital role in future cooperation between Norway and Japan."

The website for NorAlumni Japan is the network's key tool and arena, where former students can maintain contact and develop their networks. The website is in English.

Marketing Norway

The network will be more than a meeting place for former students from Japan. It will also provide a channel for marketing Norway in Japan ' promoting greater insight into Norwegian education, research, trade and industry, political circles and cultural life. Nurturing the relationship with former students from Japan entails many advantages for Norway and for the internationalisation efforts of Norwegian companies.

"We think this network will yield socioeconomic benefits for Norway in the long term," said Minister Aasland. "Keeping in touch with the Japanese who have studied in Norway means that the knowledge we have helped to provide them with can also be used to the benefit of Norwegian research and commerce."

Piloted in Japan and China

Minister Aasland launched a similar network in China last September called NorAlumni China. The two Asia-oriented networks will serve as pilots for establishing corresponding networks with other countries and regions.

NorAlumni offers:

  • information meetings for students before they come to Norway
  • welcoming services for students starting in Norway
  • activities in cooperation with trade and industry
  • alumni activities in students' homelands
  • website with news, searchable résumés and opportunities for social networking
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