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Bridging Borders for Technology Transfer in Germany and Japan

Zeitraum: 04.12.2023 - 05.12.2023 Ort: Shibuya / Online Land: Japan

Through the examination of case studies from both nations, the two-day symposium “Taking Innovation Abroad” seeks to delve into how Germany and Japan are fostering technology transfer effectively and surmounting associated challenges. The symposium aims not only to identify replicable best practices but also to address challenges collaboratively by facilitating exchange and cooperation within this area. The event will also provide networking opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in expanding their operations to Germany or Japan, connecting stakeholders operating within the same domain.

The conference will be held in English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation.

Quelle: DWIH Tokyo Redaktion: von Miguel Krux, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: Japan Themen: Innovation

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