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Deutsch-Indischer Workshop zu "Diagnostics and Translational Genome Sequencing in Clinical and Public Health Microbiology"

Zeitraum: 19.03.2014 - 21.03.2014 Ort: Chennai Land: Indien

Clinical and public health microbiology and epidemiology is on the threshold of a major transformation driven by high-throughput genome sequencing, for use either as an adjunct or even as an alternative to traditional diagnostic approaches. The pace of technological development in sequencing is stupendous with sequencing capacity currently doubling every six months. Single molecule sequencing technologies that enable multikilobase reads are poised to change the sequencing landscape, not only because of the advantages in whole genome assembly but also because of their cheap and easy, library-free sample preparation protocols. Indeed the introduction of metagenome-based patient management in clinical practice now appears possible.

Against this background, it is proposed to organise an Indo-German Workshop on this technology and clinical applications to facilitate development of research collaborations, synergies based on expertise of the different groups and provide a forum to discuss the emerging tools with clinical practitioners of both countries. The workshop will be interdisciplinary and bring together clinicians, basic researchers, experts on sequencing technologies, bioinformaticians and clinical epidemiologists together with commercial providers of sequencing technologies and software providers enabling bioinformatic solutions. The proposal aims at harnessing infrastructural, scientific and clinical resources from two large publicly-funded research organisations, the Translational Health Sciences and Technology (THSTI) in India together with the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF), both dedicated to implementing and facilitating translational research in infectious diseases in their respective country.


Dr. Martin Goller
+49 228 3821-1407

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