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Deutsch-indischer Workshop zur wissenschaftlichen Planung der Wasserversogung durch Uferfiltration in Indien

Zeitraum: 08.04.2014 - 10.04.2014 Ort: Dresden Land: Deutschland

Bank filtration (BF) has large potential for the sustainable qualitative and quantitative production of drinking water in India. But currently only a fraction of the potential for BF is used. In order to (1) draft a master plan for bank filtration water supply in India, (2) exchange Indo-German experiences and technical know-how through dissemination amongst Indian academic experts, water supply / resources professionals, utility groups and small-medium-enterprises (SMEs), and (3) increase awareness, create capacity and increase application of BF at identified potential BF sites across different states in India involving participants from R & D, water supply and SMEs, it is proposed is to conduct a three-day (core) workshop organised by the Indo-German Competence Centre for Riverbank Filtration (of which NIH & HTWD are the founding scientific partners) in Dresden in April 2014.

The workshop "Indo German Workshop on Science based Master Planning for Bank Filtration Water Supply in India" will deliver:

  • a science-based master plan on the identification of potential BF sites and their further development to full-scale sites in India,
  • advanced interdisciplinary professional knowledge of the processes, advantages and requirements of BF
  • a platform for Indian and German participants to inform each other about their competencies in the field of BF and drinking water production in order to promote future collaboration.


Dr. Martin Goller
+49 228 3821-1407

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