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Euratom-Forschung in Aktion und Chancen für Europa: Strategische Autonomie der EU und die Energiesysteme der Zukunft

Zeitraum: 04.04.2023 Ort: online

This Euratom event will present the main priorities of the Work Programme 2023-25 managed by DG Research and Innovation and will focus on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). A Declaration on "EU SMR 2030: Research & Innovation, Education & Training" will be signed by Commissioner Gabriel and EU nuclear stakeholders: Nucleareurope, SNETP, ENS and ENEN.

The first session of the event will touch upon current and future energy challenges. It will include presentations from large electric companies, IAEA, CEA and ETSON for the nuclear fission part focusing on nuclear safety and nuclear fuel diversification. From fusion, the international fusion materials irradiation facility - IFMIF-DONES will be presented, including the current construction in Granada, Spain.

The second session, chaired by Commissioner Gabriel, will be dedicated to education and training in the nuclear sector and to Small Modular Reactors. The European SMR Pre-Partnership will be presented by major stakeholders and colleagues from DG ENER. During the event, there will be 3D models and posters of some European SMRs designs like Nuward, Newcleo and Teplator. Furthermore, this session will focus on transferring hard tech to arts and attracting young talents to nuclear.  

The third session, chaired by DG GROW, will provide an overview of the upcoming activities under the Euratom Research and Training Programme and its upcoming Work Programme for 2023-2025 (132 million EUR). During this session, the Commission (DG RTD) will present all the novelties of the programme and the topics open through call for proposal. DG JRC will present the direct research actions in the nuclear field.

The conclusions of the Euratom event will be drawn by the Czech Deputy Minister, the French Ambassador and the Commission Director for Clean Planet.

The event will be followed by the launch of the calls for proposals on the Funding and Tenders Portal.

The event is virtual and all sessions will be livestreamed

Quelle: Europäische Kommission Redaktion: von Franziska Schroubek, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: EU Themen: Energie Förderung Innovation

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