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German – Australian Perspectives Workshop

Zeitraum: 10.06.2010 Ort: Köln Land: Deutschland

Sustainable Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions through Strategic Partnering

Millions of mobile students worldwide are looking for the right university to study abroad. A massive might to transform the international dimension of every university. To benefit from this dynamic means each university has to find its way how best to recruit students on this heterogeneous market.

On this base we want to discuss two implications of this process:

1) How to work successfully with an agency that knows the needs of students and higher education institutions of the particular country?
Australia is perceived as the clear leader in its effective use of agents, with the UK and the US in second and third place respectively. As a result the Australian Universities have attracted a growing number of international students and build an excellent reputation within international education.

2) In answer to how to canalize the rapidly evolving student’s mobility, strategic partnering is an efficient and essential tool. Flexible modes of learning and teaching are needed to support this merging education environment. In this context one prominent tool to even create new pathways of mobility are joint/ dual degree programs.

Our next German – Australian Perspectives Workshop will discuss the pros and cons of working with agents and how such representatives can significantly support the efforts of international offices. Which special problems do face German universities?
We will explore how the delivery of international joint/dual degree programs promotes internationalisation? Which challenges do higher education institutions face if they get involved with developing conjoint curricula across national boundaries? Unconventional approaches as well as standardised dual degree models will be reviewed.

Our speakers coming from Australia and Germany will offer case studies and advice. They will discuss the whole issue not only from different national backgrounds but also from different structural point of views, representing the university’s and the agent’s perspective.

14.00 Get together – Coffee and Tea

14.15 TOBIAS FORSTER, Director GOstralia!-GOzealand!
    Welcome and introduction.

14.30 ELISABETH HOLUSCHA, Director International Office Cologne University of Applied Science
    Challenges and advantages of liaison offices.

15.10 ALEX TAGAROULIAS, Marketing Manager Academic and Global Relations University of Newcastle
    Engagement with the Middle East - student and sponsor needs, and the use of agents in the region.

15.50 Dr. MARTIN BICKL, Director International Office Frankfurt University
    A sustainable approach to internationalizing a university: is there a role for agents?

16.30 Coffee Break

16.45 RACHEL WELLAM, International Development Coordinator La Trobe University
    Dual degrees: twice the fun, or double the trouble?

17.25 EMILY O’CALLAGHAN, International Office Victoria University
    Dual degrees - a case Study: university policy and quality assurance

18.00 Final discussion

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