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Internationle Konferenz für Expertengruppen zur Programmplanung in der Erwachsenenbildung

Zeitraum: 28.09.2015 - 29.09.2015 Ort: Hannover Land: Deutschland

The international conference on "Cultures of program planning in adult education: policies, autonomy, and innovation" of the expert group on program research in Hannover (Institute of Vocational Education and Adult Education) is organized by the Leibniz University Hannover (Prof. Steffi Robak), the German Institute for Adult Education in Bonn (Dr. Marion Fleige, Dr. Klaus Heuer) and the Humboldt University, Berlin (Prof. Aiga von Hippel, Prof. Bernd Käpplinger, Prof. Wiltrud Gieseke). 

As yet, program planning in adult education has not been well researched on an international level. This is rather surprising, considering that the planning and provision of programs for adults is one of the core activities of the professional personnel working in adult education. Furthermore, crucial issues of adult education concerning policies, autonomy, or innovation may be focused by taking a closer look at programs and by investigating how they are developed. The expert group is the first cooperation of scholars from different Universities which is going to develop further research activities, international topics and aspects to bring further comparative research in adult education in that specific field.

Objectives of the conference

  1. To stimulate exchange between scholars and establish international networks in the field of program planning and program analysis.

  2. To make research on program planning and program analysis more visible on an international level. To analyze and compare different models used to explain program planning. To contextualize program planning within diverse national and international contexts. To shed light on tensions and contradictions between new public management, educational actions and provisions.

  3. To find comparative frameworks for international research on program planning. To highlight differences and commonalities with regard to terminologies, categories, theories, and methods. To map the field of research on program planning.

  4. To present existing archives that collect programs. To discuss possible ways of access and of meeting new challenges such as the digital shift. What kinds of innovations are made possible by being able to access programs worldwide rather easily via the internet?

  5. To make visible study programs in adult education that teach program planning. How are key competences in program planning being taught? Which challenges are being encountered and what kind of innovative solutions are being found in teaching program planning, – a field that is generally not being considered fashionable at present?


Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak
Institut für Erwachsenenbildung an der Leibniz Universität Hannover
Telefon +49 511 762 5602

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