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Konferenz "Ein Europa das schützt: Unseren Planeten schützen, unsere Gesundheit schützen"

Zeitraum: 03.12.19 - 04.12.19 Ort: Helsinki Land: Finnland

The conference "Europe That Protects: Safeguarding Our Planet, Safeguarding Our Health" focuses on how the environment and climate change affect human health and how human behaviour affects the health of the Earth. It will bring together relevant stakeholders including researchers, policy makers and regulators to identify and discuss the main scientific challenges for harvesting and enhancing the benefits of a sound environment for human health and the scientific challenges for solutions to overcome environmental threats to human health.

The main outcome will be recommendations on research and innovation priorities for the EU and Member States to work together to protect human health and the earth.

This event is co-organised by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Environment Institute and the European Commission under the auspices of Finland’s Presidency of the EU in 2019.

Attendance to the event is free of charge but registration is compulsory; registration will be opened closer to the event.

Quelle: Europäische Kommission / Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare Redaktion: von Mirjam Buse, VDI TZ GmbH Länder / Organisationen: Finnland EU Themen: Lebenswissenschaften Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen Umwelt u. Nachhaltigkeit

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