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KORANET-Konferenz zum Thema Research for Life-long Health

Zeitraum: 09.09.2010 Ort: Budapest Land: Ungarn

Objectives of the conference:

  • Present the projects that receive funding in the framework of the KORANET Pilot Joint Call to the KORANET partners, the funding institutions and the public.
  • To network the funded projects so that they can learn from each other and build cooperations
  • To present to the attending researchers other projects/initiatives in the area of Life-Long Health, e.g. the ERA-NET ERA.AGE or the Ambiant-Assistant Living Association (ALL) as well as information/funding opportunities in this area by the European Commission

Conference target group: The conference is open for:

  • Korean and European researchers active in the field of Life-Long Health
  • Policy-makers and programme owners
  • KORANET partners
  • The interested public

Marion Steinberger
Tel.: +49 228 - 3821 - 473

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