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RIM-Workshop "Regionen, Industrie und fortgeschrittene Fertigungstechnologien"

Zeitraum: 18.03.2014 Ort: Brüssel Land: Belgien

The Regional Innovation Monitor Plus Partners (Technopolis Group, ERRIN, Fraunhofer ISI and UNU-MERIT) and Greater Birmingham West Midlands Brussels Office are holding the first 2014 workshop on ‘Regions, Industry and Advanced Manufacturing’ on Tuesday 18th March at 13.30 - 17.30. The event will be followed by a networking cocktail reception and will be hosted in Greater Birmingham West Midlands Brussels Office  (Avenue d'Auderghem 22-28 Oudergemselaan, B-1040 Brussels).

This high-level event will focus on Advanced Manufacturing and European industrial policy and strategies to counter the declining role of manufacturing in Europe. Thanks to the participation of experts coming from both the public and private sector and the active participation of the European Commission, the workshop will provide concrete examples of regional strategies to enhance industrial activity. This event will be of interest to regional policy makers involved in shaping regional strategies to enhance their industrial and manufacturing base and to industry representatives interested in current regional development strategies.

The Regional Innovation Monitor (RIM)

The Regional Innovation Monitor (RIM) is an initiative of Directorate-General Industry and Enterprise of the European Commission launched in 2010 to support sharing of intelligence on innovation policies in some 200 regions across EU20 Member States. The RIM Plus initiative continues to keep track of innovation policies and their impacts across EU regions. It complements an assessment of innovation performance provided by the European Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) by appraising and comparing the implementation and effects of policies that have been adopted in regions which are diverse geographically and economically. This is achieved by collecting information conscientiously and having it assessed by a network of experienced regional experts.

Quelle: Europäische Kommission Redaktion: von Tim Mörsch, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: EU Belgien Themen: Wirtschaft, Märkte Innovation Engineering und Produktion

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