Slovmedica 2011

Zeitraum: 22.09.2011 - 24.09.2011 Ort: Bratislava Land: Slowakei

The main aim of the SLOVMEDICA exhibition is to present the latest medical techniques, technologies, equipment which help the healthcare workers to perform their hard work. SLOVMEDICA is the most important event of its kind in Slovakia. In terms of the expert visitors’ rate, concurrently held exhibitions SLOVAK DENTAL DAYS and NON HANDICAP create a synergic effect.

The NON HANDICAP exhibition is dedicated to the equipment and medical aids for the disabled. In cooperation with professional partners we are preparing side events which focus on current issues in the healthcare in order to make experts interested in the offer of exhibitors. SLOVMEDICA presents an opportunity for experts active in the field of medicine, working in hospitals, nursing homes, expert education and science to meet with representatives of companies providing products and services in the respective field.

Adresse: Veranstaltungsort: Bratislava Slowakei Quelle: Incheba Redaktion: Länder / Organisationen: Slowakei Themen: Lebenswissenschaften Wirtschaft, Märkte

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