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Workshop: Von der Forschung zur Standardisierung

Zeitraum: 10.05.2016 - 11.05.2016 Ort: France Land: Sophia Antipolis

On 10-11 May 2016 in its Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) will organize a Workshop on the subject “From Research To Standardization” in the context of the H2020 program of the European Commission.

In the ICT domain, a massive research effort is currently ongoing in the context of the H2020 program of the European Commission. Numerous national funding efforts are under way in laboratories, at universities and in the industry across Europe and worldwide. These activities create a plethora of knowledge and know-how which can enable a whole new generation of technology and will pave the way for many years to come!

Standards activities can help bridging the gap between research and industrial development of products and services by facilitating the commercialization of research results. Depending on the maturity of a technology, there are various options – even though not always known to the research community – to transform ideas into an industrial consensus driving product development. The industrial and standards community, on the other hand, may be unaware of the wide range of technological advances and alternative solutions. Often, the link to the research community is lacking and the information flow on novel and promising technological trends is not as good as it could.
Objectives of the workshop

The workshop offers a great opportunity for both stakeholder communities to come together, to discuss and to identify common interest areas.

  • Industrial representatives will have first-hand access to state-of-the-art knowledge and get aware of future trends in an early stage.
  • Researchers will be able to present latest research results to industry, to jointly identify the components which are best suitable for standardization and product development activities and to agree on specific next steps.

The workshop will support researchers to disseminate and exploit their results through standardization. It serves as a platform for research consortia to inform about standardization plans and to address a wider community to find supporters and allies.

  • Researchers will get firsthand information from keynote speakers about the overall policy context and the relationships between research, standardization and innovation. A case study will be presented to serve as a model case.
  • Researchers will have the opportunity to make the standardization community aware of current technology trends and solutions. The ETSI community will help to drive the innovation work towards standards and broad industrial acceptance.
  • Academic research will receive feed-back and learn about industrial needs by direct interaction with experts form major industrial players. The researchers will learn about ongoing standardization work and pre-normative/co-normative research topics from the ETSI community point of view.
  • Industrial representatives and technology experts in general will have the opportunity to access first-hand information on upcoming technological trends. The work format will ensure enough time for personal interactions with the researchers.
  • The workshop will facilitate to identify next steps in order to drive technology innovation to standardization. Eventually, this may lead to contributions to ongoing ETSI work or the set-up of new standardization activities.

Who should attend?

This event is of particular interest to:

  • Researchers and standardizers
  • Research Institutes & Universities
  • Organisations and stakeholders involved in FP7 and H2020 related projects
  • SMEs and Start-Ups driving technology innovation
  • Chipset Manufacturers
  • Device and CPE Manufacturers
  • M2M/IoT Communication Component Manufacturers
  • Network Infrastructure Manufacturers
  • Network OperatorsService Providers

Progamme Committee

Chair: Markus Mueck, Senior Manager Standardisation, Intel, DE

  • Jorge Bonifacio, PT Portugal, PT
  • Hermann Brand, Director Innovation, ETSI, FR
  • Francisco Da Silva. Huawei, SE
  • Keith Dickerson, Climate Associates Limited, UK
  • Jahmshid Khun-Jush, Qualcomm, UK
  • Magnus Madfors, Ericsson, SE
  • Sebastiano Toffaletti, SBS, BE
  • Christoph Woeste, Federal Network Agency, DE


ETSI Headquarters
650 Route des Lucioles
06921 Sophia Antipolis cedex

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