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The Science, Technology And Innovation System In Azerbaijan

Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2005 Länderberichte und -studien

Although in Azerbaijan RTD expenditures have been continuously growing in the period 1995—2003, the actual RTD funding rate is still insufficient for creating the conditions required for an effective utilisation of the RTD potential. Thus, there has been significant ageing of research equipment and
device, outflow of researchers from science, RTD reduction both in input and output indicators, etc. Similar downward trends in the RTD potential, with more or less rapid rate, can be observed in many other countries - Republics of the former USSR.

Quelle: International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) Redaktion: Länder / Organisationen: Aserbaidschan Themen: Infrastruktur Fachkräfte

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