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UNCTAD: Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Review - Panama

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.01.2020 Länderberichte und -studien

The Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Reviews prepared by UNCTAD aim to contribute to the development of national capacities in this area so that national science, technology and innovation (STI) plans and programmes effectively support inclusive and sustainable development strategies by spurring growth, productive diversification and competitiveness and also respond to priority social and environmental problems.

Thus, action on STI will lend impetus to strategies which contribute not only to economic growth and productive diversification, but also to sustainable and inclusive development.

This review is intended to be a tool for learning and reflection – not a rating mechanism, but an external and neutral assessment that enables all participants in the STI system to better understand the system’s strengths and weaknesses and to identify its strategic priorities.

This document has three fundamental goals:

  • Provide to the Government of Panama and Panamanian society with an updated diagnosis of the effectiveness of STI policies, programmes and instruments.
  • Strengthen such policies and measures by integrating them into the national development process.
  • Increase national innovation capacity and appreciation of innovation as a driver of the country’s sustainable development strategy.
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