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Nationale Raumfahrtstrategie - Großbritannien

Erscheinungsdatum: 13.12.2015

The "National Space Policy" sets out the British Government’s vision to capture a greater share of the world’s thriving space market. The National Space Policy spells out the roles and responsibilities of 17 different government organisations involved with space, supports the government’s investments and commits to four key principles in the government’s use of space. The Government:

  • recognises that space is of strategic importance to the UK because of the value that space programmes deliver back to public services, national security, science and innovation and the economy
  • commits to preserving and promoting the safety and security of the unique space operating environment, free from interference
  • supports the growth of a robust and competitive commercial space sector, underpinned by excellent academic research
  • commits to cooperating internationally to create the legal frameworks for the responsible use of space and to collaborating with other nations to deliver maximum benefit from UK investment in space.
Quelle: UK Space Agency Redaktion: von Tim Mörsch, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: Vereinigtes Königreich (Großbritannien) Themen: Geowissenschaften Wirtschaft, Märkte Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen

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