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Norwegen: Health&Care 21 Strategie (norwegisch, mit engl. Zusammenfassung)

Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2014

The Health&Care21 (HelseOmsorg21) strategy process was launched by the Ministry of Health and Care Services in 2013. It is Norway’s first national research and innovation strategy for the health and care services. The strategy will form the basis for the further development of the services in this key area of society.

The aim of the Health&Care21 process is to promote evidence based health and care services characterised by high quality, patient safety and efficiency. The Health&Care21 process is based on the same model as the other strategy processes on research and innovation for the 21st century, such as climate research (Klima21), oil and gas research (OG21) and marine research (HAV 21).

The aim of the Health&Care21 strategy is three-fold. By supporting research and innovation, the strategy seeks to contribute to:

  • Better public health – for individuals and the population as a whole, quality of care, patient safety, user involvement, innovation and efficiency.
  • Breakthrough research at a high international level – research excellence, world-leading research groups, and research in its own right.
  • National economic and business development – profitable and internationally competitive health and care industries, increased foreign investments in health-related R&D and innovation.
Quelle: Norwegischer Forschungsrat Redaktion: von Miguel Krux Länder / Organisationen: Norwegen Themen: Innovation Lebenswissenschaften Wirtschaft, Märkte

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