StartseiteDokumenteRuanda: SMART Rwanda Master Plan (2015 ~ 2020) (Draft)

Ruanda: SMART Rwanda Master Plan (2015 ~ 2020) (Draft)

Erscheinungsdatum: 06.03.2014

The Government of Rwanda seeks to provide better, faster and more secure services to all Rwandans. This requires a strong move towards online services, better protection of private information, more collaboration between government departments, and a change in public service culture. The future of government ICT is not just about technology. It is also about how the government uses information and technology to deliver better services, create jobs and transform the Rwandan society and economy in a constantly changing environment. This is the focus of this strategy.

Quelle: Ministerium für Jugend und IKT - Ruanda Redaktion: Länder / Organisationen: Ruanda Themen: Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen Information u. Kommunikation

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