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Wissenschaftlicher Artikel zur chinesischen 15-Jahres-Planung in Forschung und Technologie

Erscheinungsdatum: 03.08.2007 Strategiedokumente

Sylvia Schwaag-Serger, Magnus Breide; China's Fifteen Year Plan for Science and Technology: An Assesment, in: Asia Policy, Number 4 (July 2007), pp 135-164

Main Argument:
The latest long-term plan for science and technology reflects China’s determination both to overcome growing domestic social and environmental problems through technology and to become a world leader in innovation. The plan presents no radical departure from earlier strategies and continues to define policymaking by a strong belief that innovation can be “decreed” or steered by the government. The plan relies heavily both on supply-side policies for research and education and on a technology-driven view of innovation, rather than tackling less tangible and more complex issues such as deficits in social capital, institution-building, and building an innovation-friendly environment. New targets to strengthen “independent” or “indigenous” innovation raise concerns abroad over the emergence of “techno-nationalism” and implications for China’s future economic openness.

Quelle: National Bureau of Asian Research Redaktion: Länder / Organisationen: China Themen: Förderung

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