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Innovation Policy Handbook

Erscheinungsdatum: 02.06.12 Innovation: Analysen

This Innovation Policy Handbook is intended for training purposes in the Middle East region. More specifically, the Handbook has been produced for the audience of a prospective training course in science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. The audience of the training course was considered to comprise of middle to upper level policy decision-makers, policy analysts and other stakeholders including representatives from industry and universities interested in (a) the important topics of STI policy, (b) a “how-to” approach and (c) lessons from around the world.

The Handbook was intended to provide the background information to support the aforementioned training course in STI policy. It was not intended to set up the training course itself. We assumed no particular knowledge of the subject by the intended readers and only elementary understanding of economics. The Handbook sets up the context for STI policy, explains the institutions involved, deals with some of the most important issues in the STI policy sphere, and clearly suggests the most appropriate topics to consider in setting up the training course.

Quelle: The George Washington University Redaktion: Länder / Organisationen: Global Themen: Bildung und Hochschulen Netzwerke Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen Wirtschaft, Märkte Innovation

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