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Singapore Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2015

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As part of its research, innovation and enterprise (RIE) 2015 plan, the Singapore Government will invest S$16.1 billion over 2011-2015 to further boost RIE.

RIE2015 has six key thrusts. First, there will be continued focus on basic science and knowledge as the basis for future innovations. Second, we will continue to focus on talent attraction and development, positioning Singapore as a choice location for researchers. Third, there will be greater emphasis on competitive funding as a means to select the best ideas. This will direct resources to the best research and researchers for further support and development. Fourth, greater synergies between researchers across the public and private sectors will be fostered. Greater funding support will be provided to multidisciplinary, breakthrough science. Fifth, a greater proportion of R&D will be focused on economic outcomes. Sixth, we will strengthen support for commercialisation so as to spur the development of new products and services for economic and societal benefit.

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