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Iran: INSF - Iran National Science Foundation

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INSF was founded in 2003. Currently, the INSF works closely with more than 26,000 faculty members of universities and research institutes. The major activities  of the INSF include supporting research projects, post-doctoral programs, international patent application, various research awards and innovation center development.


Supporting research and developing strategic science and technology  in order to create a sustainable world based on spiritual principles and the country's scientific resources.


  • Supporting need-oriented Research
  • Enhancing the relations between institutions so as to expand science and Technology
  • Promoting the productivity of the INSF key processes emphasizing the expansion of Networks
  • Increasing integrity and consistency between science and technology in INSF (idea to product process)
  • Supporting the development of provincial and regional Research
  • Promoting the INSF position in science and technology Arena
  • Empowering and supporting researchers and scientists' professional maturity
  • Supporting prioritized areas in science and technology emphasizing interdisciplinary Sciences
  • Supporting the development of revolutionary and strategic sciences and Technologies
  • Raising public awareness about the role of science and technology in the betterment of national development
  • Promoting international relations in science and Technology
  • Institutionalizing the role of science and technology in national development having a strategic outlook on Schools
  • Managing public opinion to invest in the development of science and Technology
  • Comprehensiveness in education, research, and Technology
  • Comprehensiveness in developing science and human excellence
Quelle: INSF Redaktion: von Miguel Krux, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: Iran Themen: Förderung Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen

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