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Malaysia: MITI - Ministerium für Internationalen Handel und Industrie


The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is a government ministry established in 1990.

Its mission is

  • To promote and strategise Malaysia's global competitiveness in international trade by producing high value added goods and services.
  • To spur the development of industrial activities towards enhancing Malaysia's economic growth for achieving a developed nation status by 2020.

Its functions include

  • To plan, formulate and implement policies on industrial development, international trade and investment.
  • To encourage foreign and domestic investments.
  • To promote Malaysia's exports of manufacturing products and services by strengthening bilateral, multilateral and regional trade relations and cooperation.
  • To enhance national productivity and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.
  • To plan, coordinate and monitor the development of small and medium enterprises.
  • To develop and improve the management, supervisory and entrepreneurial skills of the private sector, specifically the Bumiputera community.
  • To ensure that the country obtains maximum benefits from the manufacturing sector.
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