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Taiwan: Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Technologie


The predecessor to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the National Science Council (NSC) was charged with three main missions of promoting the nation’s overall S&T development, supporting academic research, and developing the science parks. In today’s knowledge-based economy, S&T innovation has become a key driver of economic growth and national progress. As such, the NSC was reorganized and became MOST on March 3, 2014 with a new organizational structure aiming to facilitate stronger links between academic research and industrial development. MOST will carry on the NSC’s tradition of innovative measures and programs and bring academic research another step closer to industrial needs.

The MOST is responsible for planning national S&T development guidelines and policies, proposing White Papers on Science and Technology, organizing National Science and Technology Conferences, etc.

In accordance with the Fundamental Science and Technology Act, the MOST shall convene the National Science and Technology Conference once every four years, to consider the national development directions, social demands and balanced regional development. This conference shall attain the two-way communication integrating top-down policy piloting and bottom-up issue collection, and take into consideration all opinions from the industrial, governmental, academic and research sectors for the purpose of drawing up a National Science and Technology Development Plan as a basis for formulating S&T policies and promoting S&T development.

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