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Türkei: Wirtschaftsministerium


The main tasks of the Ministry of Trade are:

  • Determining main policies and targets concerning foreign trade in goods and services.
  • Taking due precautions in order to structure the economic activities in harmony with export oriented  production policies.
  • Taking all kinds of measures regarding foreign trade in goods and services with a view to conduct  those activities in favor of national economy.
  • Taking due precautions in an effort to diversify product and market structure with the purpose of increasing Turkey’s share in world trade and ensuring sustainable growth in export.
  • Taking all kinds of necessary measures in import in favor of national economy within the boundaries of international obligations.
  • Conducting Turkey’s bilateral, regional and multi-lateral economic relations with foreign countries and international organizations.
  • Taking all the necessary measures to attract foreign direct investments to  Turkey.
  • Taking due precautions in order to provide effective regulation of the investment incentives in favor of national  economy.
  • Ensuring the safety and compliance of the products subjected to foreign trade with regulations and standards and making import and export inspections for this purpose.
  • In relation to product safety, technical regulations and inspections,  coordinating the provisions of legislation and their implementation.
  • Conducting Turkey’s relations with the EU and carrying out the alignment of Turkish legislation with that of the EU’s, on trade issues.
Redaktion: von Helena Lübbers, VDI TZ Länder / Organisationen: Türkei Themen: Wirtschaft, Märkte

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