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European Research and the EU Missions?

Zeitraum: 12.03.2024 Ort: Brüssel Land: Belgien

The Brussels Office of the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) as a partner of the TRAMI Project, cordially invites you to join an inspiring European Mission Network (EMIN) and Mutual Learning Event (MLE), focused on the role of European Research in the EU Missions, organized in partnership with UnILion.

Dive into insightful discussions and explore the role of research and innovation in advancing EU Missions, looking into the opportunities and challenges faced in implementing the EU Missions Approach, and collectively shaping the trajectory of FP10.

Quelle: Redaktion: von Anna März, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: Polen EU Themen: sonstiges / Querschnittsaktivitäten Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen

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