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G7-Informationszentrum (University of Toronto)

Fachportale und -informationen Politikberatung

The G7 Research Group is a global network of scholars, students and professionals in the academic, research, media, business, non-governmental, governmental and intergovernmental communities who follow the work of the G7, the G8 and related institutions. The group's mission to serve as the world's leading independent source of information, analysis and research on the G7/8.

The G7 Research Group is responsible for the G7 Information Centre, which contains the world's most comprehensive and authoritative collection of information and analysis on the G7 and G8.

The research group assembles, verify and post documents from the meetings leading up to and at each summit, the available official documentation of all past summits and ministerial meetings (in several G8 languages), scholarly writings and policy analyses, research studies, scholarship information, links to related sites and the "briefing books" for each summit published by GT Media. The website contains the annual reports on G7/8 members' compliance with their summit commitments, produced by the G7 Research Group.

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