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FUTURE FORUM 2023: Von der Krise zur Resilienz

Zeitraum: 19.10.2023 - 20.10.2023 Ort: New York Land: USA

Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and international conflicts are all creating insecurities around the world. These global crises and their associated effects have a profound impact on social, environmental, and economic systems and infrastructures. Preparedness and a basic robustness in dealing with crises leads to a focus on resilience as both a process and a property.

The FUTURE FORUM brings together German and American scientists, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from various disciplines, industries, and policy institutions to tell their stories, exchange ideas, present innovations, and discuss resilience alongside the following themes:  

  • Global Security and Crisis Governance 
  • Climate Change, Biodiversity and Planetary Health 
  • Energy and Resource Resilience 
  • Tech and Cyber Security 
  • Democracy and the Individual  

The “FUTURE FORUM: From Crisis to Resilience” develops conceptual and applicable tools necessary to engage both practical and ethical dimensions of how we can and should live together in an increasingly interconnected and unpredictable world.

The event is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and organized by the German Acadamic Exchange Service an the German Center for Reserach and Innovation in New York.

Quelle: DWIH New York Redaktion: von Laura Bazahica, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: USA Themen: Energie Ethik, Recht, Gesellschaft Sicherheitsforschung Umwelt u. Nachhaltigkeit

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