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Stanford-New America DigiChina project - Portal zur Digitalisierung in China

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The Stanford-New America DigiChina Project is a collaborative effort to understand China’s digital policy developments, primarily through translating and analyzing Chinese-language sources. How the Chinese state and society deploy and use digital technologies is increasingly consequential for governance, markets, and security around the world. From laws and regulations to published commentaries from policymakers and corporate strategies, China’s public sphere provides a great deal of insight into what’s happening and why. DigiChina contributors, working collaboratively with industry and policy experts around the globe, work innovatively to bring that insight to an international audience and better inform important debates and decisions.

DigiChina has been supported through a partnership with the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative of the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Berkman Klein Center. In June 2019, New America's Cybersecurity Initiative and Stanford University's Program on Geopolitics, Technology and Governance announced a collaboration for the future of DigiChina.

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