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JPI Blue Economy (Nachfolger JPI Oceans)

Fördereinrichtungen/ Kontaktstellen Netzwerke in Forschung, Technologie und Innovation

In 2019 the European Commission asked potential partners to further elaborate proposals for the candidate European Partnerships identified during the strategic planning of Horizon Europe. The process led to a portfolio of 49 European Partnerships.

Among them is the Partnership ‘A climate neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy’. The Partnership aim is to reduce fragmentation by linking existing activities and efforts to combine and align pan-European, regional and national investments and the identified socio-political priorities for marine and maritime R&I.

The JPI Blue Economy is to be launched at the end of 2021. It will be a successor to the Joint Programming Initiative 'Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans' (JPI Oceans), which was established in 2011 as an intergovernmental platform, open to all EU Member States and Associated Countries who invest in marine and maritime research.

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