ITB infoservice 06/14

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.06.2014 ITB infoservice

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Global / Multilateral

  • UN: Call for Clearer Road Map as 17 Proposed Sustainable Development Goals
  • Call for an ‘IPCC for Antimicrobial Resistance’
  • African Innovation Outlook II – New Science Indicators
  • G77 Warns Against Misuse of Science in Development
  • OECD Publication: Emerging Policy Issues in Synthetic Biology

EU / Europa

  • EU und EIB-Gruppe wollen gemeinsam bis zu 48 Milliarden Euro an FuI-Investitionen erreichen
  • European Commission Points to Innovation Reforms to Sustain Economic Recovery
  • More Than 3 Billion Euros Invested in European Smart Grids Projects
  • Facts from the EU 2014 Digital Scoreboard


  • Gesetzentwurf für die Gestaltung der Energiewende in Frankreich
  • Französische Nationalversammlung richtet Kommission für Digitales ein
  • Frankreich ist drittattraktivstes Zielland für ausländische Studierende


  • UK and China Agree Multi-Million Pound Global Research Deals
  • UK Government Outlines how Technology Can Benefit Further Education


  • Nuclear Physics Agreement Between Italy and Poland


  • Russia Plans to Increase Research at National Universities
  • New Higher Education Ranking System Expected by 2015 in Russia


  • NIH on the Future Role of the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee in Oversight of Clinical Gene Transfer Protocols in the U.S.
  • Cost of US Share of ITER Still Uncertain, Federal Auditors Stress


  • China’s Research Funders Announce Open Access Policies


  • Academy of Finlands Annual Report 2013 Released
  • Growth Strategy for Research and Innovation in the Finnish Health Sector


  • India’s New Science Ministe


  • EU, Israel Sign Horizon 2020 Association Agreement


  • Norway More Innovative than Previous Surveys Sugges
  • Key Figures for the Norwegian Research Council for 2013


  • Switzerland Takes over EUREKA Chairmanship from Norway


  • Partnership Agreement Between the EUREKA Initiative and the Republic of South Africa


  • Turkey Joins Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme
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