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Ausschreibung für deutsch-tschechische Kooperationsprojekte in der Grundlagenforschung

Stichtag: 30.03.2017 Programmausschreibungen

Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG und die tschechische Wissenschaftsstiftung GACR haben eine thematische offene Ausschreibung für deutsch-tschechische Kooperationsprojekte in der Grundlagenforschung für den Förderzeitraum 2018-2020 eröffnet. Stichtag ist der 30. März 2017.

On the basis of their long standing cooperation and the respective memorandum of understanding the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Czech Science Foundation (GACR) have opened the possibility for funding of joint German-Czech projects in all areas of basic research for the period of 2018–2020. Collaborations of research teams from Germany are invited to submit joint proposals by 30 March 2017.


At the DFG these proposals are submitted in the funding scheme “Sachbeihilfe/Research Grants” and will be reviewed in competition with all other proposals in this scheme. It is important to note that there are no separate funds available for these efforts, proposals must succeed on the strengths of their intellectual merit in competition with all other proposals in the funding scheme “Sachbeihilfe/Research Grants”. All proposals will be reviewed by both organisations separately. The results of the review process will be shared between the agencies. Support will be granted for those proposals where both DFG and GACR recommend funding.


Proposal preparation and submission:

  • The eligibility to submit a proposal follows the regulations for the programmes for the funding scheme “Sachbeihilfe/Research Grants” at DFG side (DFG form 50.01). This includes the duty to cooperate (“Kooperationspflicht”) within Germany for members of non-university institutions with permanent positions.
  • Proposals shall be written in English and must be submitted to both organisations in parallel in accordance with the proposal preparation requirements of each side, respectively. For German groups this means submission via DFG’s elan system according to the guidelines for the Research Grants Programme (DFG form 50.01).
  • For submission via the elan system German partners should select under “Call for Proposals” “DFG-GACR-Call 2018” respectively.
  • Additional documents as CVs of the principal investigators (PI) from both sides must be uploaded following the rules of each organisation respectively. Please note that the reviewers on both sides will need the full information on the PIs from Germany as well as from Czech Republic.
  • For German partners – please note that if you are using the elan system for the first time, you need to register prior submitting your application with your complete personal and address details by 23 March 2017 at the latest. 

In accordance with the full proposal target date of GACR proposals to the DFG should be submitted not later than 30 March 2017. The next call for the funding period of 2019–2021 is foreseen for late 2017.




general guidelines can be found at: Detailed information about the collaboration between DFG and GACR can be obtained at the DFG Head Office in Bonn:


International affairs:

Dr. Jörn Achterberg,
phone +49 228 885-2494


Administrative inquiries:

Michael Sommerhof
phone +49 228 885-2017
E-Mail Michael.Sommerhof(at)

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