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Tschechische Republik: GA CR - Czech Science Foundation

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Grantová agentura Ceské republiky (Czech Science Foundation / Tschechische Wissenschaftsstiftung) GACR was founded in 1993 by the Czech government as an independent research funding organization with two main goals:

  • To fund basic (frontier) research on a competitive basis
  • To promote international cooperation in basic research

It promotes progress over the whole range of basic research in the Czech Republic. The main function of the Czech Science Foundation is to provide, on the basis of public tender, financial support for research projects submitted by individuals or organizations. The main source of the funds available is the state budget, but contributions from other sources are also possible.

The Czech Science Foundation supports all disciplines of basic research. The evaluation system is based on peer review system and a bottom-up principle, the topics of projects are determined by applicants.

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