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DFG-AHRC: Förderung deutsch-britischer Verbundforschungsprojekte in den Geisteswissenschaften

Stichtag: 24.02.2021 Programmausschreibungen

Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) hat gemeinsam mit dem Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) die dritte bilaterale Aufforderung zur Einreichung von gemeinsamen Forschungsanträgen veröffentlicht. Sie richtet sich an Forschende in den Geisteswissenschaften (einschließlich Rechts- und Sprachwissenschaften) im Vereinigten Königreich und in Deutschland und ist offen für alle geisteswissenschaftliche Forschungsthemen. Die Bewerbungsfrist ist der 24. Februar 2021.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) are launching a call for proposals for outstanding joint UK-German research projects in the humanities. Proposals should strengthen cooperation in the fields of arts and humanities, law and linguistics between Germany and the UK.

Both funding agencies want to strengthen international cooperation in these fields, to fund academic research of the highest quality within their own countries, and are aware that some of the best research can only be achieved by working with the best researchers internationally. The scheme will provide funding for integrated UK-German projects. The partner agencies will organise a coordinated peer review and a single joint selection process. Funding will be distributed among the research partners according to researchers’ place of work and, more generally, according to the funding rules of each individual agency.

Proposals may be submitted in any area of the humanities, as defined in the research funding guides. Only proposals whose primary aim is to make fundamental advances in human knowledge in the relevant fields may be submitted in response to the call for proposals. Applicants who are uncertain whether their proposal would be eligible should contact the relevant agencies for clarification.

Projects must have well-defined joint working programmes, clearly demonstrating the added value of UK-German collaboration. AHRC and DFG expect that each partner substantially contributes to the common project; this also includes taking on organisational responsibilities. This division of responsibilities should also be reflected in the amount of funds requested by each partner.

The duration of the projects will normally be and must not exceed three years. Successful projects will be expected to start in early 2022.

A single integrated case for support for the joint UK-German collaborative research project will need to be submitted in English. Where appropriate for the research topic, applicants may also submit their proposals in both English and German, although they are not required to do so.

The closing date for this call is Wednesday, 24 February 2021. Applications for this call will need to be submitted through the DFG elan-system (by midnight CET).

Quelle: DFG Redaktion: von Tim Mörsch, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: Vereinigtes Königreich (Großbritannien) Themen: Förderung Geistes- und Sozialwiss.

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