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Polen: Regierungsportale und Datenbanken zu Wissenschaft und Innovation

Fachportale und -informationen

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education offers recent news on Polish science (Science in Poland, see link above). The portal is run by the Polish Press Agency PAP.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs runs a portal that offers comprehensive information on Poland, including info on recent Polish achievements in science (drawing on Science in Poland) and famous Polish scientists (Poland - Science).

Polish Science (Nauka Polska) is the oldest database of the National Information Processing Institute (OPI). It is held since 1990 and available free online since 1999. The database covers Polish institutions, scientists, scientific works and events. Part of the information is made available in English.

Polish Science will be integrated into POL-on, an integrated system, which is the broadest repository of data on Polish science and higher education. It includes Inventorum which contains coherent and reliable information regarding innovations, projects, innovative companies, research units, experts and conferences.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) runs the  Polish Innovation Portal

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