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Tunesien: Statistikamt


The National Institute of Statistics (L'Institut National de la Statistique: INS) was created in 1969. It is a non-administrative public organization under the supervision of the Ministry Regional development and plan. It also represents a central organ in the national statistics system. According to its status, INS is managed by a governing board chaired by the INS Chief executive officer.

Main Missions

  • Ensuring data gathering, processing and analysis as well as disseminating statistical information in coordination with the other public statistics organizations. 
  • Conducting censuses and demographic, social and economic surveys. 
  • Elaborating national accounts according to its different scopes (national, quarterly). 
  • Elaborating indicators for the business cycle and insuring the follow-up and the analysis of this cycle.
  • Organizing national statistical documentation by gathering data issued by the organizations of the national statistics system.
  • Ensuring technical coordination for public statistics activities.
  • Ensuring a permanent secretariat for the Statistics National Council.
  • Organizing international cooperation in the field of statistics.
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