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BIOCATALYSIS2021 SPRING SCHOOL: Protein-based biomaterials

Zeitraum: 16.03.2011 - 23.03.2011 Ort: Rolduc (NL) und Aachen (DE)

BIOCATALYSIS2021 SPRING SCHOOL:  Protein-based biomaterials for industrial biotechnology
16 - 23 March 2011, Rolduc (Netherlands) and Aachen (Germany)

Education and training courses for young academics are an integral part of the cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021. Similar to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the cluster offers its first spring school on the topic of "Protein based biomaterials for industrial biotechnology" supported by the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

The course is organized by the technology coordinators of the cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021 Prof. Wolfgang Streit (University Hamburg, Biocenter Klein Flottbek) and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg (RWTH Aachen, Institute of Biotechnology and DWI at the RWTH Aachen) in cooperation with DECHEMA, Frankfurt. With Ulrich Schwaneberg as organizer, the spring school can take place in the excellently equipped facilities of the DWI at RWTH Aachen.

The spring school educates young scientists to see proteins as versatile molecular building blocks that can be assembled in combination with other materials to systems and thereby generate novel interactive materials with a wide range of applications beyond catalysis. Application deadline: 31st January 2011.

Sustainable Biocatalysis Opening New Paths

Based on a joint and interdisciplinary research cooperation between industry and academia the Cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021, supported by the BMBF, is pursuing the goal of researching systematically the enormous potential of industrially relevant biocatalysts from micro-organisms as to their possible application in industry. To achieve that goal the Cluster combines the unique expert knowledge of the academic sector in five Federal States of Northern Germany with the economic and innovative power of globally operating companies throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.(

Adresse: Veranstaltungsort: Rolduc (NL) und Aachen (DE) Kontakt: Harburger Schlossstrasse 6-12 21079 Hamburg Quelle: TuTech Innovation GmbH Redaktion: von DLR PT Länder / Organisationen: EU Deutschland Niederlande Themen: Lebenswissenschaften

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