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Europäische Universitätsvereinigung: Konferenz zu transnationalen Universitätskooperationen

Zeitraum: 12.12.2022 Ort: Online & Brüssel Land: Belgien

What is and should be the purpose of working across borders? Do current formats work in the new reality? What else may we need? How should we deal with present challenges and what does the future hold?

These and more questions will be discussed at the European University Association (EUA) event "Deepening, widening, focusing: How to navigate transnational university cooperation into the future?" on transnational university cooperation that will take place on 12 December in Brussels. In addition, it will be streamed. 

This event will bring together university representatives, higher education and research stakeholders and European level policy makers to discuss and to inspire a reflection about the future taking account of current challenges and external developments.

Over the past decade, the emergence of strategic partnerships and alliances has contributed to deepening cooperation while expanding it to new partners. In parallel, diverse forms of cooperation exist across bilateral student mobility, joint programmes, peer to peer research collaboration, small to large scale cooperation projects and much more.

Quelle: Europäische Universitätsvereinigung (EUA) Redaktion: von Franziska Schroubek, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: EU Themen: Bildung und Hochschulen Infrastruktur Netzwerke

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